At COVID-19 ‘breaking point. Malaysia suspends parliament

At COVID-19 ‘breaking point

Malaysia’s king has declared a state of emergency -candition At COVID-19 ‘breaking point in malaysia.

Malaysia’s king has declared a state of emergency -candition at the request of the country

19 cases, neet to stop At COVID-19 ‘breaking point in malaysia. uffs.

embattled prime minister mohadeen yasin says additional powers are needed to

stop a surge in covert -19 cases, neet to stop At COVID-19 ‘breaking point in malaysia.

The country is reporting on average more than 4 200 new infections every day.

so must need to take any action against COVID-19 ‘breaking point,

Critics say it’s an attempt by an unstable] government to cling to power.

but miyadine says the declaration is not a coup.

france lawyer joins us now live from kuala lumpur florence just explain.

this to us why is it being-

viewed as a potential way to hold on to power.

As all know about covid-19 increasing cases.

so goverment must to thinks something about At COVID-19 ‘breaking point to make stop.

you also can cheak live covid 19 cases worldwide covid19

Well muir yasin the prime minister of malaysia; has been facing a leadership challenge for months. since he came to power unelected in a power coup that started.

Late february covid-19

Late february of last year now the leadership challenge comes not just from politicians within the ruling alliance. but also from the opposition opposition leader anwar ibrahim had said.

last year that he had majority support in parliament.

and that he should be the next prime minister. and then he he also faced challenges from the um united malay national organization.

that’s the largest party in his ruling coalition.

Now the politicians in that party feel they’ve been

sidelined by the muyden administration.

they’ve threatened to withdraw support to force early general election.

and the prime minister in his televised address on tuesday explaining. what the state of emergency will mean.

Minister said it should usher in a period of calm and stability for the country. At COVID-19 ‘breaking point. Malaysia suspends parliament

Malaysia suspends parliament

now in a sense there will be an end to political uncertainty because elections. all elections will be suspended.

Until such a time that a special committee

that’s really going to be set up deems.

it’s safe to do so but at the same time parliament and state assembly settings will also be suspended.

that is really uncomfirt the thing that concerns a many of civil rights activists and some analysts.

you’ve even got southeast asian members of parliament issuing a statement.

saying that this feels like the median administration the government is trying to avoid parliamentary.

Oversight in requesting this the stateOf emergency to be declared in malaysia.

okay as you as you mentioned no elections during this emergency period.

uh no government business um that’s raising some criticism.

political game

How is that going to play out do you think politically. well politically i think it’s going to be very hard for civiliance and for opposition politicians.

and also for the um members for the disgruntled politicians in the ruling alliance to challenge.

the prime minister at this stage and the prime minister and his televised address.

also said that anybody who doesn’t cooperate with the government. in the fighting this pandemic and the state of emergency.

He’s made clear is a tool for the country to fight the pandemic.

then that person um they’re going to be punished.

because that’s in that’s essentially going against the government.

So in a way i think analysts will say that he has in a way been able to buy himself.

some time at least until the end of the emergency. which for this for.

which as we know which what we know now is going to go on until the first of august.

possibly earlier if um the number of coronavirus cases in malaysia.

start to drop okay think of that france lloyd there live from kuala lumpur.

The current rise in coronavirus cases round the U.S. is like the summer crest, and has

flashbacks to the emergence of the national crisis within the spring.

There are attempts to characterize what’s happening —

a 3rd wave or a 3rd peak of one wave that never fully ebbed —

but whatever your semantic preference, cases are racing up in many nations and breaking daily records within the Midwest and Mountain West.

They’re even creeping up in places that experienced the brunt of the sooner outbreaks,

like Massachusetts and ny .

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