facebook update 2021`latest features of facebook

facebook update 2021`latest features

what’s up guys welcome back to my website. today we talk about facebook update 2021`latest features of facebook as well.

the best place to help you get started building your business and brand online.

and today we are diving into some new Facebook features that that have been

rolling out although there have been a buttload of new features I am going to be narrowing.

it down and talking about nine specifically. so if you are pumped

hit that thumbs up and keep on reading. so at the very first feature that have been rolled out is the addition of facebook avatars.

facebook avatars-facebook update

now I’m not gonna be diving into Facebook avatars because this is first facebook update new features.

I still haven’t done that in the profile.

I uploaded one telling you with you if you don’t know how to currently create.

it I’ve got one teaching you how to create it and then another one teaching.

you six different ways to use your Facebook avatar.

so some different places that you can actually use it and things.

that you can do so that is the first thing of facebook update 2021`latest features of facebook and the second feature is.

facebook groups post-facebook update

facebook update 2021`latest features of facebook

this is also a good features of facebook update 2021`latest features in.

that’s been added which is one that I have been waiting on for quite.

some time it’s one that has been available inside of Facebook groups.

but not necessarily on like Facebook profile is the ability to format your posts.

now this is something that is not available to do on mobile.

you can only do it like on a laptop or a desktop but as you can see.

I’m right here on Facebook and this is what I mean

by formatting post so let’s just say you know being able to okay.

so I just have some text here so what I mean by this is you can highlight.

you can you know copy this you can bold it you can italicize.

facebook feature

you wanted to just specifically do specific words you can do that so for Matt.

let’s just say new facebook update 2021`latest features of facebook right here I can also take. if I hover over this little thing right here.

I can make the text bigger h2 makes it puts it all and all in couple of letters.

you can take if you want like these you can hover over this put them in bullet.

points or like one two three and then obviously you can just delete this and it’ll adjust that.

so I love the ability to do this you can actually put this like in quotes so for me the ability to do this.

it just allows you to break up the monotony of just like the same you know size font the same look and it.

allows you to kind of break it up so your posts can stand out a little bit more again love this feature so glad.

that they actually rolled it out to profiles and not just Facebook group. new feature number three is.

Facebook post reaction

its not new but soon facebook gonna update 2 more reaction amoji in new facebook update 2021`latest features of facebook .

little reaction okay so if I hover over the like and you can do this desktop laptop.

Mobile doesn’t matter is this new little carry action. so that’s just something quick it’s just another more reaction.

that you can add to post eyes are kind of scrolling through purses.

just liking I’m definitely one not to just like posts.I just feel like it.

it doesn’t stand out and anybody so usually. I will always use some type of reaction.

when it comes to engaging on somebody else’s those the fourth new feature is a,

follow me in my page

facebook massanger room

facebook update 2021`latest features of facebook

messenger room so this is something that I haven’t personally done yet in facebook update 2021`latest features of facebook .

but basically what messenger rooms are is it allows you to go in. and you can be on video with multiple people at a time.

you can do this inside of a particular Facebook group.

that you have if you’re an admin of it or you can create a room.

and just add friends or family and you can video chat together now personally.

when I video chat I use zoom it’s just one of the the main ways. that I interact with students or if I get on talking to a student.

or anything like that I even zoom and thanks to face talking face to face with some of my friends.

As well but but this is something that you can do not only from mobile but also desktop or laptop as well.

so let’s just say right now I’m just in the marketing mames. it’s just my free online Facebook group.

so in order to create a room if you’re just inside of your group.

you’re going to see this little button right here that says create room when you click on it.

you can pick what emoji you want if you want to change it.

and then you can also say you know what what it’s about so a lot of times. if I were going to wright.

it would either be like through consultations whether. I’m doing like profile reviews.

Or with particular students of mine so you can name whatever this room is you can click Save.

once you click save it this is gonna pop up and it’s gonna ask you who is invited.

so you could say group members and then right there you have the ability to test out or not test out.

but you have an ability to pick when you want this to actually start. so you can pick the date.

you can pick the time and then you can click Save you also have the ability to sort it now.

ok so now lets talk about 5th facebook update 2021`latest features of facebook .

Facebook audio live streaming

5th update is the ability to do Facebook it’s like audio only live-streaming in facebook update 2021`latest features of facebook .

now used to buy I want to say a couple of years ago you were able to do this.

basically go live but without showing your face on camera. it would just be your voice kind of like a podcast.

And then all of a sudden they kind of took that feature away and I haven’t seen it.

available for a while and word on the street is that you can now do this again.

so that is another cool feature especially if you I think there’s something about listening to somebody’s voice.

Even if you can’t see them on video and that allows you to build a deeper connection.

and I think just bring more brand awareness and things like that more trust there’s lots of reasons.

Building a business

why I love podcasting and why I love a video and why I think that it’s so

strong when it comes to building your business and building your brand.

if you’re doing it from home before I get into the final three tips.

if you’re getting some value again be sure to give

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so now we should talk about 6th facebook update 2021`latest features of facebook for be update.

facebook thumbnale your 3rd photo

facebook update 2021`latest features of facebook is the ability to take any picture and make it a 3d photo.

so if you are on Facebook I’m just going to click like I’m going to add a picture.

and let’s just say I want to go to this one this is just one of the pictures.

that I took for my youtube thumbnail for last week and you can do.

where you can turn this photo into 3d now previously.

the only way that you could create a 3d photo is if you took a picture from your cell phone in portrait mode.

okay so this is what three photo looks like where you.

can kind of move it around although I will say moving it that way it kind of makes my face look a little weird.

but again a quick little super cool feature the last two tips have to do with stories.

okay Facebook story so let’s just say I go into facebook stories. and

I am going to take this picture.

facebook update 2021`latest features of facebook,

if you have any questions or and suggestion so feel free to ask in below comment box or contact us

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