Instagram Models vs real models. super models

Instagram Models vs real models.

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who’s making more money who has more respect. and who is more talented.

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we will be discussing the differences between Instagram models and real models.

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we will be discussing the differences between Instagram models and real models. and before you get angry at me.

I don’t really like to say real models because technically. we’re all real we’re all doing things with our life. but I’m referring to the original form of modeling Instagram Models vs real models. .

that is industry modeling fashion show catwalks and campaign.

photoshoots in art form that has been going on for generations. before we really dive in deep.

I want to make sure I clearly communicate my motives for this article so I don’t want anyone assuming.

that I’m trying to be a shady ass. [ __ ] in this article do you see a

teacup here no this article is simply to compare and contrast the differences between these.

instagram model vs real model.

two modeling genres of our current time as you all know Instagram modeling

is a fairly new thing that’s happening right.Instagram Models vs real models.

now but I don’t want y’all to think that I don’t have some animosity. or some towards the real modeling industry.

Because girl I’m not in it anymore so don’t go thinking I’m biased. but all of

that aside everyone seems to have their own opinion. on who’s more credible and who’s more talented and also something.

that I’ve noticed a lot of people don’t really know the difference.

they think that modeling is sort of one big thing. and that everyone that claims to be a model is doing the same thing.

which is not true so a lot of this video and artical will be

Me explaining. about Instagram Models vs real models

the differences between the two for the people out there that don’t know also I have a fair amount of people.

That are aspiring models watching. my channel and blog and maybe after this artical.

it can help lead you in the direction. that’s right for you so without any

further ado, let’s get right into Instagram models vs real models.

in order to give you guys a good perspective I’ve devised a measurement.

system we will be ranking Instagram models and industry models.

on these seven categories difficulty talent money fame respect longevity and fun.

for each category. we will be ranking both sides on a scale of one to ten and at the end.

of the artical we will add it all up to see who really has it better.

and as we go through each category.

obviously some of these are based on perspective. so if you have a different opinion than mine.

feel free to let me know in the comments so the first classification

that we have is difficulty how difficult. really is it to become an Instagram model for starters.

Anyone can make an Instagram account. and that’s not even me being Shady.

that’s me stating effect anyone. that makes an Instagram account has potential to be an Instagram model.

now obviously over a period of time however long. that is you will acquire certain skills.

that are more admire Abul skills such as engagement. which is how well do you interact with the people that follow your account.

instagram model vs real model own skills

Another skill being Instagram aesthetic. do you take time to properly plan your photos on your be instagram model.

Do you take the time to make them look nice and also you have to learn.

how to market yourself as an individual or a brand which is difficult.

To do whether it’s networking and interacting. with other influencers on Instagram or getting featured on other pages.

that are similar to what you’re promoting so although. yes anyone can make an Instagram account and have the potential to become an influencer.

it doesn’t mean a certain skill set isn’trequired. but these are skills that can be learned over time.Instagram Models vs real models,

If you’re willing.

so I wouldn’t necessarily call it talent.

we’ll get to that but Instagram models. definitely have a drive to succeed. and to learn more about a network.

that is constantly changing but a lot of the time especially with Instagram model.

there are people out here that put in the effort. and the time and the work that simply aren’t getting anything in return.

and it’s unfortunate and a lot of it is based on chance even if you’re exceptionally good at it.

which is why Instagram modeling earns an extra couple difficulty points.

so overall we will give Instagram models a ranking of seven out of ten.

difficulty for most people it could be achievable. but you really have to care a lot about it. and acquire a certain skill set.

now for the industry models how difficult is it really to become a fashion model for years and years.

obviously in order to become an industry model. it does have a certain amount of requirements based on your appearance.

more so than Instagram modeling in my opinion.

because overall social media is far more accepting of all body types. and

all looks. but the fashion industry isn’t so nice so in order to become an industrys models.

you are not only have to be a tall thin and have a certain type of facial structure.

you also have to require a skill set. –

now obviously we do live in a time where the modeling industry is the most accepting.

that it’s ever been in the entire history of fashion but it’s still not that great.

they still put so much emphasis on being pretty tall and thin. and that eliminates a lot of people is right off the bat right.

but even then if you meet the physical.

requirements there are other things that are expected from you as well.

you have to be relaxed and comfortable in front of at camera. you can not really be shy.

you have to know how to walk correctly. you have to know how to walk with other people correctly.

As you have to know how to pose there are so many different things. that actually go in to the requirements.

once you’ve already passed the test of looking good. and obviously Instagram models also have to be comfortable in front of the camera.

you know how to pose. but they do it in the comfort of their own time around people. that they probably know whereas traditional modeling.

that’s usually not the case and even then once you’ve passed the physical requirements. and got the necessary skill set.

it’s still a game of chance. so because traditional modeling has so many more layers. that you need to pass.

through and most of us are automatically eliminated as soon as we’re born.

we’re giving them a nine out of ten difficulty moving on to talent.

now obviously we all have our own opinions on what talent really is and I don’t want this to get messy.

but here’s the get down. I really don’t think you need that much talent todo either of these things.

although some people that are doing these things are talented.

If that makes sense let’s start with Instagram in this category

I’m not referring to people that are noticed on Instagram models. because of their talent.

I’m referring to people that are just noticed on to Graham as themselves. I do think in order to plan your photos in advance.

and know where to take your photos so that it matches your aesthetic. and edit your photos that requires some form of talent.

but really not much these are all things that are learned over time anyone could do it.

and I’m not discrediting it these are things. that do take time and effort.

but I wouldn’t call it Talent so for me the Instagram models get a four out of ten on the talent scale.

now for the industry models once again I feel like there are certain things.

that you need to learn over time and perfect in order to be a good model.

but because traditional modeling relies so heavily on looks and body type and appearance,

Even more than the Instagram modeling. I feel like to an extent it requires even less.

I guess we could say that being confident and competitive could be considered a talent.

but if that were the case then I would give it to both sides through my own personal experience.

With doing industry modeling a lot of the stuff.

you are required to do once again is something.

most people can do and it’s not a bad thing like I’m just being real with you right.

Now and letting you know that most regular models don’t really have that much talent.

and that’s fine it doesn’t mean that they don’t have skill.

so for the real models I’m gonna have to give them a three out of ten on the talent scale.

all of these categories could be ranked. differently depending on the individual.

but this is all just my perspective I hope this artical clears some things up for you.

if you had any questions on the difference between the two. they are two very different things.

that both have positives and negatives. I think we’re all very blessed to exist in a time.
that’s so dynamic where we have so many choices in this artical. I didn’t want to be shady and give any personal opinions.

on which one I think is better. but I mean I left the industry for social media.
that speaks for itself but I think no matter what your dreams are what you’re doing or what you’re pursuing.

Im really glad

you can do it. I’m really happy that I can wright this article.
and give a third person perspective on both sides.

and I’m really glad.
that I’ve had experiences with both but let me know down in the comments.
would you rather be an Instagram model. or a real model.

I keep putting real in quotations. because I don’t want to imply that Instagram models are fake.
we’re all real we’re all doing this [ __ ] we’re all making decisions and making money.
live in our life/ so no matter which path you choose. just make sure it’s right for you.
if you guys ever have any questions about the modeling industry or social media.
feel free to dm me in instagram. or leave a suggestion down in the comments.
and I can wright a artical on the topic you suggest.
but I really appreciate you guys. tuning in for Instagram models vs. real models.
I hope you enjoyed in what did you learn,
feel free to contact us or comment,

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