Julia Vins wiki bio, boyfriend, age, full biography

Julia Vins wiki bio, boyfriend, age, full biography

hello, are you trying to find out about julia vins if yes so you are in right place, ro know about her completely and closely, as you know shes a fitness model and cute lady,

and shes famed as Muscle Barbie, becouse her fitness body and her confidence and with preety looks,so lets start,

who is julia vins,

Julia Vins is a powerlifter women who has gotten a great reputation for her amazing and incredible strength, like a doll appearance.

her background, full from diet, training regimen, and more and more.

you know the big fact of julia vins she dose not take any supplement between her trepanning,

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Photos source Instagram @julia_vins

Early Life of julia vins

she is a powerlifter and also a social media influencer, who’s fame for her powerful amezing skills, and have beautiful feminine appearance. and her nickname is ( Muscle Barbie) due to her attractive and beautiful appearance,
but have massive size. She was born in 1996 Ekaterinburg, Engels, of Russia, At her early age, julia Vins actually was not interest in fitness.
While in school, she studied music,

and also arts,and all this without any real aspirations for athletics. However, at her 12 of age, she discovered weight lifting and some besic exercise,

which she was started doing for intent to get in shape her body, and gain little her self confidence. Subsequently, and then suddenly she falling in love with fitness,
now she’s really enjoying her body and shape changes she is seeing in her body.

Julia Vins – Power lifting Career

Her first year of training in gym, Julia Vins doing all without any sort info or any real guidance.
Therefore, she sought out a coach for her to help her develop her physique. However,
the only coach that she coulded found, he was one who would teach her all like power lifting and ketlle bell and some another training. Subsequently, she was chose the former,
in starting her endeavors in the powerlifting world.
And after few months she starting training powerlifting,

julia Vins began entering in her first competitions. She had really began to enjoy her whole training, and finally her results showed almost immediately in her appearances.

this was really big time for her From the start, she started garnering attention of everyone there, as a result of her successful competing.

julia Vins entered her first big professional powerlifting competition in 2014, when she appeared at the World Powerlifting Championships, in Russia.

Moreover, she won the competition, completely shocking those who’s watching closely. Additionally, she also broke three worlds records in her process, hitting a 180kg squat, 105kg bench press, and 165kg dead lift.

In addition to her success, Julia Vins went on to compete on various competitions throughout Russia, and Europe. She again won World Championship in Russia in 2016.

Moreover, she entered the multiple events in the Finland, where she earned her first place in every competitions.

and the Most notably was on the 2018 Pro Power lifting Open, where she again dominated the competition.

These are some of her favourite food

  • foods to enjoy:
  • eggs
  • beans
  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Rice
  • Broccoli
  • Tomatoes
  • Oatmeal
  • Buckwheat
  • Dairy

she just likes to use her supplements to aide just in performance of competition.

which supplements Vins use :

  • BCAAs – 30-60g/day
  • CLA
  • Creatine
  • Vitamins
  • Fish oil
  • Glutamine

Championships and Accomplishments

World Powerlifting Championships – 1st2014
Iron Bull Push-Pull – 1st2015
World Powerlifting Championships – 1st
Finnish Nationals – DQ
Finnish Nationals – 1st
Rebel Power Push-Pull – 1st

Personal Records

Squat556.6lb (252.5kg)
Deadlift424.4lb (192.5kg)
Bench Press363.7lb (165kg)
Total624.3lb (283.2kg)

Additionally, her fan following growing day by day on social media all around the world, actually everyone want to know her, and about her life style and her daily routine, and her workout style,

1st day in gym ( Cardio, Legs, Calves)

Treadmill1-2- Hours
Seated Calf Raise12 reps – 3 sets
Leg Press6-10 reps – 5 sets
Squats4-8 reps – 5 sets
Leg Extensions8 reps – 5 sets
Standing Calf Raise8 reps – 3 sets

2nd day in gym – ( Chest, Triceps (light) )

Bench Press5 reps – 5 sets
Skull-Crushers8 reps – 3 sets
Flat Dumbbell Flyes12 reps – 3 sets
Incline Dumbbell Press5-8 reps – 5 sets
Close-grip Bench Press5 reps – 3 sets

3rd day in gym – ( Shoulders, Triceps (heavy) )

Military Press (alternate monthly)5 reps – 3 sets
Skull-Crushers8 reps – 3 sets
Flat Dumbbell Flyes12 reps – 3 sets
Rear Delt Dumbbell Raises5-8 reps – 3 sets
Incline Dumbbell Press5-8 reps – 5 sets
Lateral Raises5-8 reps – 3 sets
Front Raises5-8 reps – 3 sets

4th day in gym – ( Legs, Calves )

Squats4-8 reps – 5 sets
Leg Extensions8 reps – 5 sets
Standing Calf Raise12 reps – 3 sets
Leg Press6-10 reps – 5 sets
Seated Calf Raise8 reps – 3 sets
Photos source Instagram @julia_vins

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