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What is Coronavirus?

AS Worldsmeter coronavirus – Where it originated from.How does it spread? And what and how you can do to protect yourself from others from it?Because Coronavirus has arrived in Pakistan now and the minister of health, Mr Zafar Mirza, has confirmed two cases in his tweet. And he also shared a public service message in this tweet about Coronavirus I will leave the link of it in the description below. Before getting on with the video, I would like to clear one thing ,

that I am not a doctor or not do I have any medical training. I collected the material of this video by researching about it myself.

(WHO) -Worldsmeter coronavirus

A large fraction of which I took from the website of World Health Organization (WHO). And I will drop all the links in the description below. And if you require further information,this is the health helpline by the government. what if you are feeling sick, then contact the doctor immediately. Do not panic or fear at all! All the cases that have been reported yet, a huge majority of people have been recovered. Along with that, World Health Organization (WHO) has also decided to take the support of YouTube, and their introductory video is already posted on the YouTube,

which will provide you with the basic information of Corona Virus. Along with that, World Health Organization has also developed an online course for those who want to know more about Corona Virus, want to know the in-depth awareness about it as to what is it and how can it be treated? as Worldsmeter coronavirus,

First of all, lets talk about cases

In 2012 Corona virus arrived in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,
That was Middle East Respiratory Syndrome. And both Coronavirus types were, too. And they are called the Coronavirus in Worldsmeter coronavirus
Because its shape resembles a “crown”. And you can see that in this graph as well. And the crown in Latin is called “corona”,
This is how the name “Coronavirus” was born. And what you see on the screen This is the true picture of the Coronavirus
Which is taken through a microscope. And in this image, you can clearly notice the crown-like shape of the Coronavirus.
And the Corona virus that you are hearing about now It’s called Novel Corona Virus 2019,

Until now, More than 82,000 cases of coronavirus Worldsmeter coronavirus are reported. And it has more than 3500 cases from outside China,
In 45 other countries. And now, The total number of deaths from the Coronavirus It has exceeded 2,800.
But, as we mentioned before,

No need to be scared,

There is no need to panic. Because what we’ve seen so far is 97% of those infected had recovered. The same was stated in the public service message Which Mr. Zafar Mirza shared in his tweet. So, keep it in mind,
The vast majority of those affected recover. But even if you feel unwell, You must see a doctor. Let’s talk now, where did the Corona virus start? How did it spread? Corona virus began in the Chinese province of Wuhan. Its first case was reported on New Year’s Eve , 2019. Since pneumonia is detected in a few people But doctors were not aware of the virus. It was an unknown virus.
But all of these people were from a local fish market in Wuhan.

Then this virus gradually spread through them to their families,
For health care workers, Then within a few days, it began to spread to China. And now, this virus has it Adapted to the global pandemic situation. And as I told you at the beginning, Coronavirus has now spread to 45 countries. There is an ongoing debate
Whether the Corona virus has spread from animals to humans, Or from another place? Because the SARS virus and the Coronavirus that we saw before, They also began to spread by animals. MERS in Saudi Arabia was transferred from animals to humans SARS from China From civet cats to humans. So the ongoing debate is Novel Corona Virus 2019 Spreading Through Which Animal. And more information on this has yet to come.
So now we’ll talk about,

What are the symptoms of corona virus?

Different people can have different symptoms. It affects some people very mildly. While you may see severe symptoms in some people. The basic symptoms were explained by the government of Pakistan And the World Health Organization (WHO),

  • Fever,
  • cough,
  • Difficulty breathing.

These three are its primary symptoms. But the symptoms can be more than that, too. WHO says so It can be converted into pneumonia in severe cases. It has also led to kidney failure. While it leads to death in the worst case. But aside from that, keep it on your mind Symptoms will not be severe for most people. Mild in most cases And if you have a fever,
cough, Or shortness of breath, It is still not necessary for you to chase after the Coronavirus. It could be a cold or the flu.
This test calculates the genetic code for the Coronavirus.


And if we talk about treatment, So there is no specific treatment for Coronavirus at this time. There are no specific drugs for it,
Nor have any vaccinations for her. But work is underway for treatments and vaccinations. Once we get anything, we’ll know. So now we’ll talk about What can you do to protect yourself from the Corona virus? First of all, we need to understand how the Coronavirus spreads? According to the World Health Organization Which promotes the spread of the Corona virus.
If you want to protect yourself and others by it, Then the first thing is that when you cough or sneeze Then cover your mouth

With a tissue or your hand. So thats cannot be passed on to other people. Besides, the World Health Organization suggests wearing a mask For prevention. Wash your hands as often as you can. You can also use hand sanitizer with you.
Continue to sanitize your hands with this as well. Plus,

if you know that some people are sick Then keep your distance from these people. Keep extra care of these things if you are visiting the hospital. Besides, if you have traveled recently, Especially if you have visited Iran or China, Then take extra care
If you are eating animal products, Then cook your food properly. The important thing is to be careful, If you take care of it properly Then there are more chances that it won’t affect you at all. Now let’s talk if you need more information about Coronavirus,

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I would just like to say, if you have any further information regarding Corona Virus then do let me know in the comment section below. or contact us,

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